Technical Writing and Documentation

TekPro employs a staff of technical writers, editors, and subject matter experts. We provide document preparation assistance in areas such as contracting, proposals, resumes, and other corporate documents. We have worked on a number of document creation and management tasks, involving drafting, editing, and proofreading various documents. We provide expert writing and editing assistance to through research, organization, abstract construction, and other content production according to the client’s Style Guide. Based on our research and analysis, our team advises staff on new publication ideas and how they can be utilized and marketed.

Our writers and editors research, analyze, distill and present information from multiple sources on a variety of topics related to our clients’ pursuits. The data we present considers agency policy, writing style requirements, consistency with other agency documents, and knowledge of the audience’s expected reaction and comprehension level. Our team supports the development and construction of large-size documents.

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