Help Desk Management and Support

TekPro provides Tier I, II, and III help desk and customer case processing support. Our team handles customer inquiries received via telephone, postal mail, delivery services, e-mails, and fax. We provide a complete, orderly, and traceable repository of all incoming and outgoing help desk inquiries and responses. We also provide a timely first response to all customer inquiries in accordance with client approved responses in a courteous and professional manner. When necessary, our staff conducts additional research to develop substantive response that will be used to provide standardized answers to customer inquiries.

Help Desk Support Services. The TekPro help desk team provides a variety on-site of services to our clients. We receive, track, and manage customer inquiries from the time of receipt to resolution of the issue. We assist customers by performing research, gathering concise information and relevant documentation, and collaborating with government staff to address customer inquiries. All inquiries are stored in an orderly fashion and are easily traceable. In addition to working with customers, we provide the government with approved template responses to correspondence and give advice on responses for review and final government approval. When not directly involved in help desk activities, we undertake tasks to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of help desk operations.

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