Administrative and Clerical Support

The TekPro staff has decades of combined experience performing clerical assistance and data entry services. This support includes arranging letters, proof reading reports and memoranda, composing invoices, and creating indexed documents according to an established system. This assistance has helped to streamline our clients’ correspondence within and out of the office and improve communication methods.

Data Entry. While working with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), TekPro has always delivered well above acceptable levels of data entry for all centers; roughly 5,300 data entered applications at above 95% accuracy rate. We developed detailed standard operating procedures to ensure accurate recording of information not able to be data entered into application processing systems; this greatly reduced miscommunications between Federal and contractor staff as to why certain items could not be data entered. And positively bolstered communications.

Writing and Editing. TekPro provides expert writing and editing assistance to our clients through research, organization, abstract construction, and other content production according to the COPS Style Guide. Based on our research and analysis, our team advises staff on new publication ideas and how they can be utilized and marketed. Our writers and editors research, analyze, distill and present information from multiple sources on a variety of topics related to community policing. The data presented considers agency policy, writing style requirements, consistency with other agency documents, and knowledge of the audience’s expected reaction and comprehension level.

TekPro personnel works on an array of publications, including newsletters, research documents, workbooks, facts sheets, and brochures. We manage a number of responsibilities supporting the production of these documents, including: obtaining, analyzing, and selecting pertinent information from many sources; determining the most logical and effective sequence for narratives; advocating the overall length and tone based on the stated objectives and audience; writing the material; recommending, selecting, or creating illustrative materials; ensuring that appropriate clearances have been secured; and assisting in the coordination of the material for publication or electronic broadcast. Our writers also assist customer staff in writing press releases, creating talking points for staff to use during presentations and correspondence, and supporting in the development of briefing packages. The TekPro team of writers and editors is composed of efficient, creative, and flexible personnel who produce unique, high-quality products to suit our clients’ individual needs.

Graphic Design. TekPro graphic designers work alongside our writers and editors to produce accurate and aesthetically pleasing documents and presentation materials. We inform customer staff of layout ideas, paper recommendations, binding styles, and production timelines prior to the creation of hard-copy documents. We also work with our customer’s design team to create appropriate layouts, graphics, and design for printing and online distribution. We develop creative ideas and concepts and use appropriate media and styles to meet the unique objectives of each project. We provide our clients a wide range of digital and printed media, including workshop materials, publications, flyers, posters, logos, and personalized corporate materials.

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