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TekPro provides a variety of professional, clerical, and administrative support services to engage in the timely and accurate handling of personnel actions, human resources operations, administrative processes, recruitment, classification, employee relations, and labor relations. We plan and direct payroll and benefits services, recruitment and selection, position management and classification, workforce development training, employee relations and labor relations, and human resource policies. Our human resource specialists process payroll and personnel actions, provide retirement counseling and answer benefits questions, maintain employee personnel files, process security investigations and fingerprinting, and provide orientation to new employees. TekPro provides Human Resources services to the DEA, including staffing and hiring, assessment development, job analysis development, crediting plan development, and reporting.

Hiring Evaluation Criteria. TekPro staff works with DEA human resources to develop job analysis and use this information and job descriptions to develop agency-specific employee selection criteria. We collaborate with DEA HR with technical Subject Matter Experts to establish evaluation criteria for necessary skills and validate the selection criteria against DEA standards

Vacancy Announcements. We utilize the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) hiring model to meet and work toward improving up the DEA’s 45-day hiring requirements. We complete preliminary vacancy announcements, work with the DEA HR specialist to determine vacancy opening and closing dates, and create plain language job opportunity announcements that are posted to the USA Jobs website.

Application Process. The TekPro team performs all application process steps within the principals of OPM and the Partnership for Public Services. We complete evaluations of applications and issue certificates of eligibility upon receiving applications and supporting documents from candidates using USA Staffing. Our team tracks and manages the receipt of applications from candidates, including those collected at job fairs and other recruitment events. We electronically review and process application materials and advise candidates of acceptance and qualification status within DEA-established time frames.

Qualified/Eligible Determination. Our support team maintains a history of qualification determinations made on candidates to ensure consistency and maintains a rating sheet for all applicants who apply. We provide flexible weighting and scoring options for self-assessment questionnaires, maintain up-to-date knowledge of current and changing Federal hiring rules. TekPro utilizes USA Staffing, conducts applicant rating and ranking against established qualification and eligibility requirements and standards. We rate and rank applicants based on assessment criteria and use Category Rating methodology for all external ranking actions. We ensure compliance with the OPM requirement for Delegate Examining Units in producing Certificates of Eligibility.

Referring Candidates for Selection. The TekPro support team refers the best qualified candidates for assessment and selection based on unique criteria and Federal regulatory requirements. We produce and issue certificates of “Best Qualified” candidates and “Noncompetitive” candidates as appropriate. We also provide application and resume accessibility for review by DEA managers and panel members.

Selection Panels. We prepare a certificate of eligible applicants in accordance with DEA criteria and established timeframes. Our team maintains documentation as required by the DEA, DOJ, and OPM to provide full reconstruction of the hiring process during audits and reviews.

Support Selection Decision. The TekPro team provides DEA HR specialists and candidates with application and process status updates in a timely manner or as requested.

Review Final Selection Package. In consultation with DEA HR Specialists, we conduct periodic audits and program reviews of recruitment and selection processes to collect metrics and identify and analyze application trends. The TekPro team provides monthly reports on end-to-end performance metrics to the DEA.

Validate Selections/Non-Selections. Our Human Resources support team advises candidates of non-selection of their application status. We also make verbal tentative offers, issue tentative offer letters, prepare suitability memos, and initiate drug screening requests.

Maintenance and Management of Employee Data. The TekPro team maintains all files and records in compliance with records management requirements and disposition schedules as well as with the DEA Records Management Program. We ensure pertinent records are available, including records from EEO Investigators, DOJ Office of Inspector General, External Investigators, and financial audit and Freedom of Information Act documents. We also maintain all records associated with a specific recruitment action, including Certificate of Eligible employees, so that they are searchable by a variety of metadata. We maintain data on 30 point Veterans applications in a comprehensive database, provide status updates to candidates, and ensure adherence to all requirements of the Privacy Act. Our team creates and maintains a recruitment file and job documentation history containing details to fulfill reporting requirements and periodically provide required reports to DEA.

Maintain Hiring Records and Metrics. Our Human Resources staff conduct internal audits of case files and databases to confirm that all rules and regulations are maintained and that all materials are documented and properly stored. We track and retain RNO, gender statistics data, and Veteran Status data at the vacancy level and report status to the DEA. All vacancy case files are archived, including all associated records and information for two years from the vacancy closing date. The TekPro team conducts periodic quality reviews to improve processes and increase efficiency, along with maintaining accurate records and reporting to the DEA on contract activities.

Communicate with Job Applicants. The TekPro HR staff communicates with job applicants regarding the final outcome of their applications and notifies applicants of subsequent actions based on their employment eligibility. We provide candidates with details on the federal government employment process and provide multiple means of communication for applicants to submit general inquiries. We maintain frequent correspondence with potential employees to ensure the complete and timely exchange of all paperwork to finalize the selection process. TekPro personnel are highly skilled at communicating with all job applicants, selection officials, DEA staff, and selectees to ensure that all involved parties receive application information in a timely manner.

Reporting. Our HR team develops and provides recurring and single reports regarding employment trends, statistics, and changes. We provide data analysis and summary reports on the various stages of employee recruit and the hiring process. These reports include the number of personnel at each stage, the average length of time required for each hiring stage, the number of veterans at each stage, the reasons for any non-selects or declinations, the number of selections versus the number of vacancy announcements and certificates issued, and the number of certificates issued and returned without a definitive employment selection.

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