Systems Administration

TekPro’s systems administration team provides daily support for our customers’ programs and applications. We perform system and security monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes, reviewing system and application logs, and verifying completion of scheduled jobs. We perform necessary backup operations, ensuring all required file systems and system data are successfully backed up to the appropriate media.

Our staff has the ability to install or rebuild new and existing servers and configure hardware, services, setting, directories, and storage. We repair and recover information systems from hardware or software failures and coordinate and communicate with impacted parties. We accomplish system administration for physical and virtual servers by maintaining server operating systems, networking, internet information services (IIS) and client/server applications. We monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot servers using server management tools.

We ensure that system security environments are maintained by monitoring and applying server security patches, operating system patches, and upgrade Information Assurance Vulnerability Alerts (IAVAs). We troubleshoot and resolve server related problems and provide Tier III support to our customers. We also coordinate upgrades, installations, and conversions of server software. Our team performs ongoing performance tuning, hardware upgrades, and resources optimization as required. In doing so we coordinate with our client’s infrastructure team on CPU, memory, and disk partitions as required.

TekPro provides computer support to maintain and improve functional capabilities of all multi-user computing environments, systems, and servers. We provided Network Operations Management (NetOps), Information Assurance (IA), Systems Administration, and Desktop Computer Support, to include AFCEE Video Teleconference (VTC)/Defense Connect Online (DCO), Mobile device, and Messaging solutions. We also provide Systems Engineering, Application (desktop and web) Development, Database Administration, Help Desk Management, Training, and Inventory Management Control. AFRPA support includes Computer Support to maintain multi-user computer systems and servers, Help Desk, network support, and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Programming.  TekPro also replaces existing systems to provide new or improved functionality to the organization.                   

TekPro provides support to maintain and improve functional capabilities of the AFCEE network and all component parts that assist in accomplishment of the AFCEE mission.  This support applies to any network equipment, whether purchased through lifecycle management efforts, or to provide new and/or improved functionality to the organization.  This support also covers AFCEE’s five (5) remote locations throughout the country that are part of the AFCEE network.  We also perform the maintenance of network infrastructure and report and document all system security incidents to the COR.  Our personnel assigned to perform Network Administration or Engineering tasks possess the needed training, education, and certifications necessary to be in compliance with both, AFI 33-115V1, Network Operations, and AFI 33-115V2, Licensing Network Users and Certifying Network Professionals; and are subjected to evaluation as such.  We maintain a network solution patch management system.

We designed, deployed and maintain a Base-wide 802.11 Series Wireless LAN at Otis ANGB. We also support AFCEE-assigned Personal Digital Assistants, i.e. RIM Blackberry Voice and E-mail capable handheld devices.

We were part of the MXT inclusion project to migrate the Project Tracking System (PTS) and the Project Management System (PMT), as well as have direct experience with Environmental Resources Program Information Management System (ERPIMS), AFCEE Public Web Server (APWS), AFCEE Portal, and AFCEE SharePoint.

TekPro ’s Database Administrators manage the creation and deletion of database user accounts, promotion of data integrity, monitoring the performance of the database, reduce unnecessary or redundant data for decreased storage consumption, perform database security, facilitate data sharing, perform regular backups, and recover files as needed.  All databases’, Oracle and MS SQL Server, have a 98% or better uptime during working hours.

Our website developers use a variety of tools and languages including, but not limited to, HTML, Active Server Page (ASP and, Text Editor, Microsoft Designer, JavaScript, Paint Shop Pro, SQL, and Silverlight.

TekPro provides support to ensure that the PCs, laptops, and peripheral devices are fully functional and are running in such a manner that they provide the intended level of service to personnel in support of their mission.  Our desktop support personnel are well-versed on PC and software configurations used at AFCEE. They are able to assist customers in the use of any component of the standard desktop configuration (SDC), as well as any commercial/government off-the-shelf (COTS/GOTS) software, and all Open Database Connection interface software (ODBCs) that is commonly used within the organization.  These responsibilities also entail the close-out of Remedy Trouble Tickets when appropriate; as they also perform Level 2 Help Desk support functions.

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